A COVID-19 Update

Posted 3/18/2020


To Our Valued Signature Clients:


In the midst of this unprecedented time in our country, we are writing to inform you that Signature is responding to the COVID-19 pandemic.  We always have and will continue to put the safety of our clients, your guests and our employees first.  In order to fulfill that commitment, Signature has implemented the following steps to better ensure both you, your guests and our employees safety:


  • All dishroom/cooking equipment have undergone an additional cleaning process to continue to ensure we exceed the state and county health departments sanitation requirements.
  • All installers we be required to wear gloves at ALL times in order to limit the amount of potential hand to hand cross contamination between our facilities and yours.
  • Additional hand sanitizers are being staged throughout our facilities to further encourage safe hygiene practices.
  • Employees who either express concerns or are observed as not feeling well will be sent home to recover.


We will continue to be available to offer you the highest level of service and quality you demand from our company. While we have had to make tough business decisions that affect our team, we are here to support you. 

We will continue to staff our dispatch and operations team with our top operators and installers who will be ready to take care of you for any need you might have.  We will maintain a small group to administer the day to day accounting and HR functions of the company along with a number of salespeople to answer your phone calls and to respond to changes to quotes/reservations.  We will also be asking our outside salespeople to work from home and be ready and available to help with any existing jobs as well as work with you to plan your future events.


The decisions we are needing to make are heartbreaking.  Signature has always been about its employees and the commitment they make every day to ensure your event is a memorable one.  We are committed to restore the levels of staffing as soon as practical and get back to the business of supporting you in your efforts to produce amazing events.  We are also confident that this is a temporary situation that, with the support of one another, will pass quickly and allow all of us to get back to celebrating life.  If you have questions or concerns regarding our efforts during this time, please feel free to reach out to Val, Jason or myself to discuss.


All the best to you and your families during this challenging time.


Randy Berg                         Val Tamme                         Jason Davis                Scott Tamme

Co-Owner                            Co-Owner                          General Manager       General Manager